Field Locations

All fields are located at Greenwood Park, located on Greenwood Street. There is limited parking at this location, so for the safety of our players and any other visitors to the park please walk if able.

There are 2 separate fields here:

Thunder Field, is the large pitch with the lights. All U4 and U6 games are played here as well as U13, U17 and any travel games.

Brigands Field, is located further back into the park, behind the skate park. You can get to this field 2 ways – you can walk past Thunder Field, and go through the entrance by the soccer shed or you follow the path by the hill and enter there. At this field all U8 and U10 games will be played.

Soccer fields are for players, match officials, coaches and staff only. We ask that parents stay on the sidelines/behind fences while games are going, and not on the field or between fields (if more than one game is going on at a time). This is not only of safety but helps with any confusion.